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Church Building

Caleb has helped start many churches in order to foster Christian Outreach in communities were none existed or where the believers were in such fear of authorities as to worship in secret. Bringing the body of believers , whatever their persuasion or denomination, out into the world to bear fruit.
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Orphans & Street Children

Because of national poverty, Romania and Moldova have not been able to care for the homeless children. Caleb has supplied goods, medical help and food to many orphanages across Eastern Europe and Africa. Daily care is given to kids living beneath the streets  or abandoned buildings in Iasi, Bucharest, Chisineau and Braila. No child is turned away. 
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Medical Care

We have been blessed to provide medicines, medical treatment and professional health care in mobile and fixed clinics. In a few severe cases we have brought the sick to London, Vienna and Belgrade. Our Lord has mercifully brought healing to hundreds more! 
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Assisting Other Ministries

Founded on the prayer of "being the hands and feet of Christ to others", Caleb has reached out to assist many other ministries in their endeavors. From transporting Christian Radio transmitters to buying fuel for mercy flights, transporting food and supplies to missionaries and teaching others how to document and ship containers.

We have incorporated many companion ministries such as Northwest Rescue Network, Checkmate Ministries, Children of Christ, and House of Hope as a gift to their work. 
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Building a Future Together:

Our Hope to follow faithfully the path Christ has given, listening to His word ad then following His lead. To that end, we have expanded into Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan,. Israel, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Mexico, and the USA, all well beyond our dreams in 1990! See Caleb working to help others help themselves...

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