Assisting Other Ministries

Caleb Ministries is proud to partner with a number of ministries and non-profit organizations in meeting the needs of people throughout the world.


Action International partnered with Caleb in several projects in Romania through the years including food and health projects and clothing disbursements.


Bibles loaded and shipped by Caleb Ministries for many other ministries including, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and The Philippines.  One recent shipment was for Asia Bibles.

Bible Foundation

The Bible Foundation, a nonprofit corporation out of Oregon has chosen Caleb ministries to receive Bibles and Bible texts. The Foundation encourages people to donate books and Bibles that are not being used in order to redistribute them to those in need. We receive boxes of Bibles from them several times a month and sort through to decide where to send them. The Bibles come in various languages; some are study Bibles and others are children's. Through the generosity of this wonderful ministry we have been able to send literally hundreds of Bibles to seminaries, Bible colleges, churches, villages, and individuals. Through the use of M-bags media mailing privileges at the post office, we have shipped bags to Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Québec, Romania, Moldova, and the Philippines

Blessings International

Blessings International is a non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate suffering and provide medicines world-wide by facilitating relationships that promote health.

Days for Girls

Days For Girls, a non-profit based out of Lynden, Washington. During a trip to Kenya, Celeste Mergens from Days for Girls, realized that there was no feminine hygiene provided for the school girls, and when they were menstruating they had to stay sequestered in their rooms, unable to attend school. This also meant that it was financially not feasible to send girls to school if they were going to miss three months out of the year. It would be better to send a boy. Out of that realization, and the knowledge that disposable products were not financially sustainable, the concept of reusable sanitation kits was born.


Faith Comes Through hearing

Through an organization called Faith Comes by Hearing we are now recipients of solar powered audio Bible players. Approximately the size of a portable radio, these wonderful instruments come in any of 618 languages, including Ilacano which is widely used in the northern Philippines, Gypsy, and Romanian. We have placed several of these instruments the care of pastors who use them to play the Bible in its entirety, or any book of the Bible, a verse of the Bible, or daily devotions, all in the native language of his or her listeners. These Audio Bibles are made available to Caleb Ministries at a cost of $100 each and we find them very useful the Gypsy villages, Romanian towns, and the Philippines. You can contact them at


Caleb Ministries prepared and shipped a network system of computers for Hope International for employment in their Orphanage Projects in Eastern Europe.


Caleb has delivered several containers and many boxes of vitamins and medicines to Campalung where Seceris is developing a major orphanage facility designed to house over 300 orphans.


Assistance was given Jubilee Ministries in its project to translate the Bible into Romanian, print it in Braille and distribute it in several countries. Caleb purchased Braille printers and helped in distribution.


Partnered with The Upsula Church in Sweden and Northwest Medical Teams, Caleb provided supplies, beds, surgical equipment and medicines to the refurbishing of the Artic Star troop ship when it was refitted at Ballard to carry Jews from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Tel Aviv. Israel.



Clothing, food and vitamins as delivered by Caleb Ministries to Deva, Romania serving 1200 poor families during the droughts in central Romania. 

Morning Star Ministries

Morning Star H.E.L.P. Program started with a vision to assist marginalized people of the Northern Philippines. Morningstar began with a simple building in the town of Lagangilang. Today, hundreds and hundreds of people have been impacted by the outreach of Morning Star.

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