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Early in the Caleb Ministry history it was determined that any assistance and helps program should be designed to give the recipients more than immediate relief. The goal became helping others to help themselves. Starting with the bakery projects and pea patch gardens, we designed programs to teach trades, skills or vocations. In Africa, the Biafra program is teaching computer skills to students at the Chelsea House (Polio victims home)  and to teach gardening and harvesting in villages, and teaching marketing skills in the towns using abundant local resources.


The average annual income in Romania is approximately $60 per year, to purchase a cow - about $200.00, often an unobtainable number So, Caleb began the "Buy a piece of the Cow" campaign. Purchasing livestock means the farmer's family can use the milk, make cheese, sell eggs, the offspring and still have food left for their own families.  And animal husbandry, unlike tilling the soil, is often an acceptable form of earning a living in cultures where farming is not.


In Romania, we have fostered computer learning and technology, bible skills. pea patch gardening, sewing classes, Braille bible reading programs, bee hiverey, auto repair, and other programs.


In Mexico and the Philippines, we have provided knitting machines, sewing machines, school textbooks, computers, clothing, medical supplies and assisted peace corps programs with resources.




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