Being Christlike

The hearts desire of the founders of Caleb Ministry was evangelism, bringing the Good News to others around the globe. Each Caleb Mission includes evangelism, testimonials and preaching wherever we are called ― learning to be Christ like.

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Preaching in Nigeria

Baptizing in Oltenia

In Australia, Caleb has helped start three Romanian Language Churches, conducted preaching and healing services on 35 occasions.  Foot washings at Dandedong, Australia

Encouraging a new congregation at Mt. Zion, Biafra

Evangelism at Tirgoveste, Romania

Fantaneli Gypsy Baptisms

Home Baptisms

Glyco Bear Deliveries

Children receive candy packs, crayons, and the Gospel message as coloring pages

Church service at Timsoara

Bourgas, Bulgaria Evangelism

Glyco Bear delivery to Aids Children

Gypsy Field Church Lauralie

Outdoor Tabernacle Biafra

Evangelism tours in 1996, 1997 and 1998, reaching congregations across the continent in Melbourne, Dandedong, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Madagee. Baptizing in Lake Thompson, Australia

Caleb meetings have been held in sports arenas, coliseums churches, and most importantly, open fields! Lonca, Romania

Before we commence evangelizing, we show others that we are concerned for their well-being.  To that end, Caleb Ministries fosters many projects to help those facing disasters as well as those needing a helping hand to improve their lives.  Praying with a sister in Greci Village, Romania

Medicines, Clothes, Toys & Supplies to Beclean Hospital

Filadelphia Church Petrosani

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