Caleb Ministries has been operating in Romania since 1990. Initially seeing its vision as encouraging the underground church to come forward after the revolution, the emphasis has now matured into a partnership for reaching for and the powerless. Caleb continues to encourage church building through its evangelism and helps programs throughout Romania in Eastern Europe. Medical clinics established at Petrosani in the West, Bucharest in the country, Iasi in the East and the Braila and Constanta in the Southeast Delta region continue to operate effectively. The Petrosani program is by far the largest, operated by Philadelphia church and includes a full medical facility open seven days a week offering free care to the needy. Open-door clinic in Bucharest services many as well as does Faloncalia in Iasi. Other programs have now been given over to churches for local administration and we have concentrated on specific medical needs of individuals such as major surgeries, Aids care, and dental clinics. These are nearly all self-supporting within Romania by the Caleb churches, Caleb's Fundatia Betani and Caleb’s Foundation Timothy and Caleb Din Romania. In the last two years Caleb has sent less than $3000 in funds total to Romania to keep the program going!

Through the gift of Glycobears from Mannatech Corporation and Manna Relief, we continue to supply approximately 2400 bottles of supplements for down syndrome children within Romania. The Mannatech people have visited the Caleb programs over the last four summers and now ship the product directly into Romania without any cost to Caleb Ministries.

At Braila Fundatia Betani operates the Caleb warehouse out of Second Pentecostal Church under the direction of eastern European director for Caleb ministries Marin Tiripa and his wife Christina. Since we have stopped shipping containers of clothing we have been purchasing truckloads of good used clothes from Western Europe which are trucked into Romania for under $1,500.00. Each truck load is equivalent to what our containers would hold. The container cost rose to over $10,000 per delivery making the truckloads a much better opportunity for us to continue our work. This coupled with the fact that since its entry into the European Union, internal regulations at the port of Romania discourage goods being received from outside of the European Union.

Through Faraway Lands freight, we continue to send personal goods, medicines, vitamins, books, candy packs, and specific needs for individuals within Romani

Church building has now been concentrated on the Delta area which s the poorest section of the country and contains many villages and towns populated with Russians, Turks, Gypsies, and Romanians. We have had three evangelism tours each of the last three years through the Delta. We continue to support orphanages, hospitals, feeding programs, missionaries and outreaches throughout the country. Last July we delivered 18 boxes of clothing to one orphanage alone, in Braila. At the BeClean hospital for handicapped or Impaired children, we supplied Glycobears and toys and clothes. Evangelism and long night services continue to be held in 14 Gypsy in the tradition established during the Ceaucesceau dictatorship where people, and pray and preach in worship throughout the entire night. We are sponsoring several children in school and supplying materials to employees a hospital for young mentally challenged children in Lugos.

Below are links to the work and trips to Romania since 2006. Check out them out or send us an email to ask specific questions. We'd love to hear from you.


 Our work continues in Romania with more believers being baptized, more goods being delivered, more orphanages, street kids, and families receiving help. Your clothing donations, the medical supplies and the monetary donations for purchasing GlycoBears and VitaMeals, touch many, many lives.

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