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September, 2020:
We are saddened to report that  Cynthia Leppago Sartin went home to be with Our Lord, having succumbed to heart failure at Vigan in north Luzon Island, The Philippines. We have worked closely with Cynthia since 2008 and I have personally stayed at her mission home on 16 occasions during my trips to Abra in The Philippines. She is a close personal friend of many in the Caleb family, having lived in Des Moines for years before retiring from the court system and returning to her homeland for a visit, evolving into her mission  ministry.  One of her foster children, Brendan for whom I serve as "uncle," wrote advising she had passed.  We await word of the future of her mission home, the foster children she cared for, and her ministry. We already have received word of two potential resources within Caleb Ministry willing to continue the work. Jesus is awesome! Rest in Peace my sister in Christ!  - Jerry Riess, Director


2019 - Update on hurricane  relief -  In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines with record breaking sustained winds of 230-245 miles per hour, devastating the major city of Tacloban on Leyte Island. A Caleb Team visited four days later, bringing in relief goods as one of the first outside visitors. Leaving Tacloban where many relief efforts were under way, we journeyed to the city of Omron, equally as decimated but mostly overlooked due to its size and remoter location. At Omron, we stayed four nights in the shell of the church of Eric and Cherill Zabala, sleeping on the pews in the evenings , their adjacent house having only two partial walls standing. Seeing the devastation, we have purposed to help this dedicated Pastor and family rebuild. Caleb has shipped four sewing machines with fabrics, funds and food, and other supplies. Today, we see Pastor Eric sharing our boxes with others ! While with his family, we helped Eric rebuild the well, dormitory for seminarians , and his church. His work and that of his wife and children encouraged us to ship more appropriate relief supplies to stricken villages, improving our ability to serve others through Christ! Thank you Jesus for letting us help such wonderful people! CNS



2017 - Caleb ministries first visit in the Philippines in 2008, working in the mission house of Cynthia Leppalgo in Abra, and through Elohim Covenant Community in Santa Maria. Since that time Caleb has expanded to supporting programs and Heart of God, Morningstar, and Leonid Barcolod in Candon city as well as continuing the other programs. We now have affiliation nearly 1000 village churches, four Bible Colleges, and five ministries. In 2011 we undertook and 62 day journey into the mountains reaching small villages that is not even had a white visitor since the 50s! Evangelism programs were extremely well received with literally thousands coming to Christ. In one village in the mountains we found no one could read or write of the 132 residents. Morningstar supported a couple to come and teach and we supplied school supplies, tablets, pencils and pens, books and other materials!

In Santa Maria, through the efforts of Dr. Michelle Lagmay, we have commenced monthly free medical clinics. Using the facilities of the community colleges, and the services of two nursing schools and literally hundreds of volunteers from the faculties, Kiwanis sponsor an Eye clinic and Caleb ministries sponsors free medical care. Hundreds line up to receive checkups, medical care, minor surgical procedures, and free medicines! The program rotates throughout the large province and a similar program is underway in two adjoining districts, covering most of the northern region of Luzon Island. We have seen everything from circumcisions and appendectomies to dental reconstruction and child Birth.

2015 - Jerry Reiss' trip reports

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Thank you from Tarlac!




 Monthly unpacking of  boxes - April, 2012

The monthly youth program at Santa Maria in the Philippines. At Elohim Covenant Community Church they held an afternoon program for the girls in which Dr. Michelle Lagmay explained the use of the sanitary materials and their importance. The lady pastors then counseled each girl after which the pouches were distributed to all present, about 300! The families were very pleased!

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Unpacking boxes - 2011

Involved in packing? Here are photos from a village in The Philippines as they unpack CALEB BOXES. The photos are blurred but you get the idea! Thanks for all your help and support!

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Free Medical Day at College Ilocos Sur Agricultura

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