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From 1993 until September 2010, Caleb ministries operated the warehouse in Burien Washington through the generous donation of a company no longer in business. This warehouse was the center of people donating to Caleb ministries items from furniture to clothing, food to school supplies. Volunteers would assemble each Friday to sort and inventory the donated items, packing them into 42 foot high-cube containers to be shipped around the world. An incredible 135 such containers were shipped to Romania and 35 other containers to other countries around the world during these years.

With the loss of the Caleb warehouse as a resource came new emphasis on the type of goods being shipped and the cost of transporting. Presently, Caleb receives donations of clothing, food, school supplies, Bibles, medicines, toys and other useful items which are carefully screened and then packaged for shipment. Through a private company known as LBC, we are able to ship 6 cubic foot boxes to the Philippines at a cost of $55, door to door delivery. Another private shipping company called Faraway Lands ships to Romania at a cost of $1.10 per pound. Books, printed matter and media supplies are sent by M-bags through the Postal Service to most any country in the world as part of the American literacy initiative enacted by Congress. A few of the African nations permit us to ship to their US delegations in New York or Washington DC where they then assume the cost of transport to their homelands. By these means, Caleb continues to ship supplies throughout the world.

Each month Caleb sends 25 to 30 LBC boxes to various sites in the Philippines where they are distributed amongst hundreds of participating churches. From 10 to 15 boxes are sent to Romania monthly to several locations within that country. 22 M-bags were shipped last year to India, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Rwanda, Liberia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal containing Bibles, Bible treatises, Bibles on tape and braille Bibles in assorted languages.

Caleb Ministries continues to receive quality medications for shipment abroad through several resources. The Northwest hospice care workers recommend to their clients that unused medications be donated to several organizations including Caleb ministries when a loved one passes. Several times weekly, Caleb receives donations of medications from loved ones which are then sorted and shipped to doctors affiliated with our ministry overseas. Caleb also purchases medications through several resources, having documented the licensing of our corresponding doctors and physicians with the dispensing suppliers.

The last Friday of each month from 15 to 30 volunteers arrived at the Caleb House, sorting, inventorying and packing the items for shipment. We spend approximately $3,000 per month on the shipments, a major and important endeavor in showing the love of Jesus to those less fortunate across the globe.

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