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Leaders Read This First  All of the No Hold session notes are written out.   Feel free to read them for your presentation, or prepare your own notes from them as long as you keep the intent of the original version.

In the presentation notes you will find [Leader: instructions] meant to provide action cues for the presenter.  Follow them to maintain a smooth flow through your presentation.

May I suggest that you prepare for your first presentation by studying all of the presentations, in order, from 1 to 12 [file 00 N H Summary.docx].  The presentations build on one another, so you will benefit from having the whole context in mind before starting.  I also strongly suggest that you present the sessions in the order found in the file [0 No Hold Table Of Contents.docx]

     All the Bible passages used in these prepared class session files will be from the English Standard Version (ESV) which is the official version used in our church.  In the file named [1 Session Translations.docx] you will find the passages from session 1 presented in four versions: the English Standard Version; the New International Version; the New King James Version; and the New Living Translation.  Each session will have its own Translations file. 

Feel free to substitute whichever of these versions you choose, or substitute your own church’s version choice.  If you substitute, remember to substitute in the associated Power Point files also.  May I suggest that you tell your students which version you have chosen so that everyone is able to use the same one.

     [PP Slide:]   is your Microsoft Power Point slide prompt. Move the slide show forward at the prompt. If you do not have access to Power Point, or a similar application, just ignore the prompts.

    Each small group discussion has a time limit attached.  Feel free to change the time limits so that the discussions fit into your total class session time frame.  I have found it helpful to gently cue the participants at one minute left, and again at 30 seconds left, to ease the transition back into lecture mode.  Continue the class lecture after the discussion time has expired. 

Occasionally you will find a [DRF note:] inserted into the lecture.  These are my personal opinions, testimonies, etc.  Feel free to quote me, or prepare your own rendition of the note. 

Materials:  (Zip file of all session materials)

Table of Contents
(Download ToC)


1.     No Hold Strategy: 

a.     Session 1: Strategy - Description
  1)  Translations
  2)  Description Class Notes
  3)  Session 1 PowerPoint
  4)  Next Class Reading Preparation

b.     Session 2: Strategy – Structure Forgiveness Tactics
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 2 PowerPoint

c.     Session 3: Forgiveness - Context
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 3 PowerPoint

d.    Session 4: Forgiveness – Receiving forgiveness
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 4 PowerPoint

c.      Session 5: Forgiveness –Granting forgiveness
   1)  Translations
   2)  Class Notes
   3)  Session 5 PowerPoint

2.     Personal History Tactics

a.     Session 6: History - Vine Replacement Tool
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 6 PowerPoint

  4)  Tool Worksheet

b.     Session 7: History - Anxiety
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 7 PowerPoint

c.      Session 8: History – Fear of Death
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 8 PowerPoint

3.     Mind Renovation Tactics

a.     Session 9: Renovation – Mind Renovation Process
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 9 PowerPoint

  4)  Mind Tactics
  5)  Beliefs About Myself

b.     Session 10: Renovation – Whole Mind
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 10PowerPoint

  4)  Teaching Beliefs
  5)  Tactics Worksheet

c.      Session 11: Renovation - Stayed Mind
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 11 PowerPoint
  4)  VRT
 Mind Anchor Tactics

4.     Wrap-up

a.     Session 12: Strategy - End Point (revisited)
  1)  Translations
  2)  Class Notes
  3)  Session 12 PowerPoint




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