"Toward standing firm in the evil day"


We are embarking on a broader platform of providing lessons for use by teachers.  In addition to the live teaching program via SKYPE,  we will provide Power Point class materials as well as  a manual for the teachers to preview ahead of the life class broadcasts.

The 12 week course is called “NO HOLD”   The course is written by my friend, Daniel F.   Just below is an excerpt from the first session, plus the table of contents of the course.



Lesson 1 



When will it ever end???

Have you ever said something like that to yourself?  It seems that my whole life has been one spiritual challenge after another.  There have been several times when I wondered if I was making any progress at all. 


Regarding the wider world, I have also come to recognize that the global political and religious trends building through the past century are probably going to continue at least through the rest of my life-span. 


I realized several years ago that I would need to change in significant ways if I was going to be able to stand firm as a Christian. To that end, I have been searching in the Bible for specific, practical, and effective ways to change spiritually. 


Table of Contents



1.     No Hold Strategy: 

a.     Session 1: Strategy - Description

b.     Session 2: Strategy – StructureForgiveness Tactics

a.     Session 3: Forgiveness - Context

b.     Session 4: Forgiveness – Receiving forgiveness

c.      Session 5: Forgiveness –Granting forgiveness

2.     Personal History Tactics

a.     Session 6: History - Vine Replacement Tool

b.     Session 7: History - Anxiety

c.      Session 8: History – Fear of Death

3.     Mind Renovation Tactics

a.     Session 9: Renovation – Mind Renovation Process

b.     Session 10: Renovation – Whole Mind

c.      Session 11: Renovation - Stayed Mind

4.     Wrap-up

a.     Session 12: Strategy - End Point (revisited)



If you are interested in participating in this program, please send your name, email address and church name to
To download the files, please click on this link


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