That the World May Know~ Faith Lessons
TEN NEW SESSIONS of That The World May Know dvd series by Ray Vander Laan

FRIDAY EVENINGS March 30th through June 1st at 7 PM at CALEB HOUSE, 16514 4th Ave South in Burien. Light dinner offered of hot dogs and salad, beverages. ALL ARE WELCOME. Each class has encore presentation of last week lesson plus viewing and discussion of new lesson.

In the Dust of the Rabbi
Becoming a Disciple
Volume 6

The Faith Lessons series takes your small group on a round trip to ancient times, places, and customs, and back again. Filmed in Israel and Turkey, these powerful DVD sessions explore what it meant to follow Jesus in the first century—and what it means to follow him today.

“Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet,” says the ancient Jewish proverb. Disciples followed so closely that they would be covered with the dust kicked up by the rabbi’s feet. Come, discover how to follow Jesus as you walk with teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan through the the breathtaking terrain of Israel and Turkey and explore what it really means to be a disciple. Session titles include:

1. Galilee—When the Rabbi Says, “Come”

2. Galilee—When the Rabbi Says, “Go”

3. Priene—The Presence of God: A Counter-Cultural Community

4. Priene—Living Stones

5. Didyma—The Very Words of God


Walk as Jesus Walked
Making Disciples
That The World May Know volume 7

Continue to walk with Ray Vander Laan through the land that Jesus and his disciples walked, learn how the culture and politics of the first century influenced the imagery and stories of the Bible, and see the text through the eyes of God’s chosen people, the Jews. In the final two installments of this powerful series, Vander Laan leads us on a journey through Galilee and to Asia Minor, a region where the rabbinic practice of selecting disciples (talmidim) was well-known, and where disciples walk

 As disciples of Jesus, we’ve discovered that following him demands a passion for the text and a complete devotion to Christian community. But there is more. A disciple is consumed with a passion to be like the Rabbi—Jesus. Come and discover the passion of our early Christian brothers and sisters. Follow in their footprints as they loved the Messiah with all their heart, all their soul, and all their might—every moment of every day.

1. Aphrodisias—Run! The Passion of Elijah

2. Antioch Pisidia—Learning to Walk Like Jesus: Paul’s Journey to Rome

3. Lystra—An Unlikely Disciple

4. Cappadocia—Why Christians Suffer: The Weight of Gethsemane

5. Cappadocia—Don’t Forget Us


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