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Started in 1990 in response to the fall of Nikolai Ceaucesceau as Dictator of Romania, Caleb Ministries recognized the great need of the Christians and non-believers in the Eastern European developing countries. First endeavors were delivery of food, clothing and medical supplies to villages and towns by trucking in from West Europe and flying in supplies from USA.



Helping establish nine free medical clinics and eight dental clinics across Romania, we continue our programs today of Mannatech Glycobears and Phytobears, transporting people for medical care and sponsoring direct medical assistance.

Dental Clinic

Medical in Constanza

Pastor Iletrian

Medical Clinic


Medical equipment from X-Ray Machines to EKG Machines, Dental Units to Medical Instrument Sterilizers have been delivered thanks to the generosity of Group Health of Puget Sound, Providence Hospital, St. Josephs Hospital, Harrison Hospital and countless others.  Caleb has transported patients to Vienna and London for special treatment, has financed many medical procedures for peasants and gypsies.  If you have access to medical equipment to donate, please click here.

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