In 1990, Caleb started funding the development of bakeries as a way or providing jobs for families, training of orphans in job skills, and supplying the basic products for food banks and outreaches to the poor.  Five bakeries have been founded and then given to local operation. A sixth is planned for Campalung.


      Chisineau Orphanage Bakery

Above, Caleb Director  

stands outside the Braila  

Bakery sales window to  

purchase bread.   

     Chisineau Orphanage Bakery

Orphan learns baking at Braila

We have started 5 bakeries, a brick factory, a flour mill, and 5 pea patch gardens in Romania to provide employment. Market stalls are provided by Caleb free to gypsies and peasants to encourage them to sell their produce and train them in merchandising. Refurbished sewing machines are converted to their power source and provide a family a good living. Knitting machines have been placed in Timosoara with training classes. Orphans learn to be cooks and bakers in the bakeries. Networked computer systems are teaching office skills and valuable learning to former street kids, orphans, prostitutes and new mothers.

Caleb Ministries has now inaugurated Missions and outreaches in Africa where 114 local churches have formed Caleb Good News International in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Biafra, Republic of Togo, Republic of Benin, Ghana, and The Cameroon’s.  We have Caleb Ministries of Australia serving Romanian and Gypsy immigrants in 9 churches across the continent from Perth to Brisbane, Melbourne to Sydney. In Sacramento and Budapest we incorporated Gypsy branches of Caleb Ministries to serve hidden Gypsy congregations in closed societies. In Czech Republic our partners help serve Pastors and church administrators.

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