Kenya - 2015

On June 4, 2015, Caleb Evangelist Jerry Riess re-turned to Africa on his Fourth Evange-lism trip to this area. This time instead of visiting Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and other western countries, he focused Kenya, on the eastern border, with the goal of knitting Christians together in their battle with the enemy. This issue is devoted solely to this trip to Kenya and how the Lord used many resources, events and appointments to once again thwart Satan in his tracks. Great Is Our Lord! Read more...



Bishop Ogeda Benard Oganga from Kenya - December 2014


The orphanage in Kenya received our grant in a timely fashion and is now asking for more support. We are referring them to other programs for ongoing aid. Unfortunately, just after the last request we received word one of our Kenya pastors was severely injured. Bishop Benard Onganga who visited us in 2013 was critically injured in a car crash that took the lives of 6 other pastors. He has since recovered but the hospital sought to sell his home and church to pay for their services.Caleb Ministries provided a grant of funds to save his compound and his h ome.










Caleb Outreach Report


The Caleb Africa Ministry under Director Chibuzor Eze just completed their first outreach to Amaezu in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state, Nigeria. This is the main battlefield area other than Jos Plains where Boko Haran attacks are occurring regularly. The team included three volunteer Christian doctors, Director Chibuzor Eze and his wife who also is a nurse, as well as hired guards. The team treated 47 patients and gave food to 83 people. Food items included garri, yam, rice, beans and oil. The team stocked up for the journey with 6 bags of rice, 65 tubers of yam, 5 big bags of onions, cooking oil and cray fish. For medicines they took pain reliever drugs, anti malaria drugs, Hypertensive drugs and multivitamins. The trip resulted in plans for another trip by the end of 2015 to the battlefield area of Jos Plains, conducted jointly with Divine Care , a non-governmental charity they have partnered with previously. Divine Care operates medical clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical resources in Nigeria. Caleb Ministries has donated $1,000 to sponsor this next trip, Pictured left are yam logs in Lagos marketplace from file photo of 2009 trip.






Bishop Ogeda Benard Oganga from Kenya - August 2013


Bishop Ogeda Benard Oganga from Kenya visited Caleb Seattle the first week of August.  Below are some photos from his ministry in Kenya. The implements being burned are from witch doctors who tried o sabotage his evangelisms.


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Director's Notice - February 16, 2012

Caleb Ministries sent out a plea for urgent help in removing refugees from the terrorist killing fields created by Boko Haran in Eastern Nigeria. Literally hundreds of Christians are being slaughtered by terrorists. We wired $2,000.00 to equip our bus with new tires, guards, food and supplies to bring out victims to safety. Below are some of the results:

Ebenezer Mandu writes as follows:

Hello sir,

I am writing to thank you for making it possible for pastor and his Caleb Good News group to come and evacuate us from Kano State, Nigeria. Otherwise we would have been dead by now. So many people have died and are still dying up till now. It was even risky for him to come.

Our problem now is how to start a new life. We are four families staying with Pastor Chibuzor and iI know is difficult for him to feed all of us including his family.

We are begging for your financial help to help us start life afresh sir.Thank you sir for your help. May God continue to help you.



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One of the rescued elders (pictured above with his children) writes as follows:

Dear sir,

My name is elder John Orji. I hail from Imo state Nigeria. I am a Christian, born again and filled with the Holy Ghost.


I want to thank you for using Pastor Chibuzor Ezeh to save my life and that of my children from death in the hand of the muslim boko haram. They killed my wife that night but miraculously I escaped with children. We are now staying in the house of Pastor Chibuzor at Enugu.

May God reward you and Pastor Chibuzor.


Thank you sir.

Elder John Orji

Caleb Africa Director Chibuzor Eze (pictured above handling sacks of rice) reports as follows:

Hello dad,

My heart is full of joy and happiness as I make this report. First, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve in your ministry. After reading the Chorba Trail, my life has changed after seeing what you went through in eastern europe. I will continue to serve God and man with every thing i have till the end of my life. Once again,i say thank you sir. We bought the tyres as we told you.We were able to go to Kano State 2 times; Maidugiri 1 time; and Bauchi 2 times. In all, we were able to evacuate 18 families, about 44 persons in all including women and children. When we came back, we bought 20 bags of rice at 8,000 naira (50 dollars) a bag. Total 160,000 naira (1000 dollars) We bought cloths and shared to them because the had none as their houses were either burnt down while some left their home with nothing.60,000 naira (375 dollars)., 5 tyres at 12,000 naira each, total 60,000 naira .(375 dollars. We bought fuel and feeding with the
remaining money. We have been able to send 14 families back to their villages while 4 families are still staying with because they don't have houses in their villages where they will stay. We trying to see how we can rent houses to settle them at Enugu. It has not been easy for me feeding them all this time including my family. My wife and I are pastors. We are therefore appealing for more help from you.1 room apartment costs 5,000 naira, and you are required to pay for 1 year which is 60,000 naira times 4,= 240,000 (1500 dollars). The Nigerian government is not telling the world the truth about what is happening in Nigeria. I attach here with the photo of the bus and the bags of rice. I will send more photos later.


Thanks dad

Your son, Pastor Chibuzor Ezeh...

Caleb Ministries is wiring an additional $2,000.00 today to help resettle the evacuated families, buy food and supplies and to relieve the strain on the modest house of Chibuzu Eze. This has been a huge undertaking by our modest ministry but one we deem very much worthwhile. We thank you all who donated to make these five journeys possible and we ask your continued prayers regards our efforts to bring out more refugees.

Jerry Riess
& Caleb Good News Ministries


News from Africa - 2011

Photo of young Pastor receiving Caleb Bible in Malwai. We shipped M-bags of 66 Bibles to a young church there pastored
by Msiska Tionge....a dynamic and growing Caleb outreach.


African Pastor with Caleb Bible





Photos of blind lady in Malwai receiving our audio bibles and cassette players, and GoYe(Mp3)Bible....

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Caleb Nigeria helps Congo Refugee Camp
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Nigeria Jos Plains - 2011


Terrorists attacked Caleb Pastor Humphrey's home while he was away. They killed his son and raped his wife, who died 6 days later in hospital. Caleb sent funds for both funerals and African Director Chibuzu to visit Pastor Humphrey. Pastor Humphrey plans on coming to Burien in America to get rest, should he receive the visa we requested.

As many of you know, Caleb outreaches have been endangered in Nigeria, The Philippines, India and Malwai over the past year and this is a rising concern. I ask your prayers this day for Gods Covering for our people in the world serving His purpose. In Jos Plains (Nigeria) we have been under recent attack, hidden in the world press because it came same day as Haitian earthquake. This is area where I myself was attacked by four gunmen in 2007. This year 300 Christians were slaughtered in January and again 587 were killed three weeks ago. Today, I received the following message from our Africa Director Chibuzu Ezeh as he had to flee from the area. He was there because we are bussing refugees from Jos plains and reconstructing Caleb House of Prayer Church there. Below is Pastor Ezeh's letter:

Hello Daddy,

I am so happy and glad to send this mail to you. I was nearly killed in Jos last Sunday by fulani herdsmen.

I bad collected the materials and had gone to jos to distribute them accordingly. I had finished with salvation for all nations on Saturday but because we still had enough materials left, we decided to go to one of the churches the following morning being Sunday, but around 1am,we began to hear sounds of gun shots. It was at this time that our host Pastor John started shouting for us to run. As we were running, people were being cut down by bullets. It was only by God's mercy that we escaped. I lost my video camera, still camera, international passport, my shoe and other belongings. Daddy, as you are helping me to thank God, pray that God will always protect us.

Thanks Daddy, I remain you son,
Pastor Chibuzo Ezeh.

Please keep Pastor Eze in your prayers and the work at Jos Plains and in India, Africa and The Philippines that no more will be harmed!

Jerry Riess
& Caleb Good News Ministries



Liberia - Caleb Outreach

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Kenya Affiliate


Brother Jerry & Chibuze,

We thank God for his love and mercies to us all in service. It has taken us along time praying to God to show and direct us to brothers and sisters to work with at these perilous times when Satan is driving and devising all ways to deceive humanity. Thank you for your decision to partner with us and help us. As in my approach here in Kenya we do the work of the Lord moving from door to door, doing crusades, and soul winning but we do face a lot of opposition of which we trust God in every step we do make in reaching the people.

Our outreaches needs prayers and help most by getting bibles to give people here, because reading the word of God one can know who is God and his operations, we do meet desperate families and orphans who need help, for all his gifts are to be used in blessing humanity, in relieving the suffering and the needy. We are to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to care for the widow and the fatherless, and to minister to distressed and downtrodden. God never meant that the widespread misery in the world should exist. He never meant that one should have an abundance of the luxuries of life, while the children of others should cry for bread. Brother our cry and prayers are that please stand with us in prayer for the children here who call for help. With us we do have 15 orphan children whom we are trying to help though many are languishing in the villages and streets, but the ability to raise and provide for them is very small,please we need you help.

Brothers, the result of the work of Jesus, as He sat weary and hungry, at the well, was widespread in blessing. The one soul He sought to help became a means of reaching others and bringing them to the savior. This is ever the way that the work of God has made progress on the earth. Let your light shine and other lights will be kindled.

Lastly we do have a team called FOLLOW JESUS TEAM which brings live changing to the people by singing and praising during crusades, and worships do pray for them. Not forgetting that we need spiritual materials that is bibles mainly in our native language and support to the orphans with us.

May God bless.
Pastor James

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Report on Nigeria medical mission of April, 2011


Christian greeting to you in Jesus name amen.

Am writing to inform you of what we are planning for Easter celebration.

Our partners have decided that we go to the city of were Muslims bombed churches and killed so many Christians and rendered many more homeless to tell that Jesus has not forgotten them. By the second week of may, they will be sending me to Zambia. In all this, they will take care of 60 percent of the total cost while we do the rest. By Thursday i will know the total cost.

Meanwhile am sending another photographs to you.

[ 1 ] The of people who attended the program

[ 2 ] The woman were yellow is a widow who has been suffering from diabetics with a big wound on her right leg .She is now receiving treatment at university of Nigeria teaching hospital Enugu. She could not afford it before.

[ 3 ] T he woman with black and white stripes is also a widow. She had matured cataract. We took to hospital where she was operated on both eyes and now she can see.

Dad, I will still send more photos.

Thanks daddy,
Your son, Pastor Chibuzor Ezeh


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New Leadership - December, 2008


Since the death of Jeff, everything seems to stand still. I am the third surving son of Mr & Mrs Ezechukwu. I am the elder brother of late Apostle Jeff Eze. I am married to Pastor Mrs Chinyere Ezeh, also a missionary and we have three children.


Pastor Chibuzor Ezeh


"Well done, good and faithful servant - You will be
missed Pastor Jeff"


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Ghana Container Arrives!


On Friday, July 25th, 2008, the 32nd Caleb Container destined for ports other than Romania, arrived at Ghana. The goods will be repackaged and distributed to new Caleb facilities in Sierra Leon and Abidjan as well as to Biafra, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Camaroons, Gold Coast and Liberia.

The 40 foot container to Africa was our most expensive shipment ever, costing nearly $14,000 to deliver. Attached are photos of some of the contents at the Ghana warehouse. The cost of shipping was high but the contents are estimated worth well over $260,000.00. The shipment will encourage many and provide 15 pastors with bicycles and 18 churches with computer systems. The medicines and medical supplies are destined for war zones in Sierra Leone and Biafra for refugee care.


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In February - March, 2006, Caleb Ministries officially inaugurated the Caleb International of Africa. With representatives and programs situated in the Cameroon, Biafra, Nigeria, Benin, Republic of Togo, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, our first container arrived there in March, 2006. The Caleb projects have been underway in Ghana and Nigeria for two years and Caleb containers have previously been shipped to Tanzania, The Congo, Liberia, The Sudan and Zaire.


Caleb Ministry Director Trips to Africa


The week after Jerry Riess returned from Africa a monsoon flooded the Cameroons causing severe damage. One of the new Caleb Churches was destroyed along with the Pastors home. The village assembled enough materials to rebuild the house but could not provide for the church. We sent a grant of $2,500.00 for supplies and the church members did the construction. The church and Pastors home are completed now. Photos show the rebuilding.

Photos of the Cameroons church taken after floods in April, 2007

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