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CALEB GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES is a non-profit ministry that sends donated relief supplies, food, medical equipment, Bibles, Computer Systems, Teaching Materials and medicines to orphanages, churches, church clinics, hospitals, and street ministries, throughout the world but primarily to Eastern Europe and Romania. Caleb Ministries has also provided containers of relief supplies to Monrovia (for Sudanese Refugees), Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Rwanda, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Burma, South Korea, and Moldavia. Caleb Ministries is headed by Pastor Jerry Riess, and is solely staffed and served in all respects by volunteers. Wishing to foster the Spirit of The Word of God, Caleb Ministries extends encouragement to like-minded ministries throughout the World, encouraging the undertaking of programs which reach otherwise hidden peoples who otherwise do not have access to evangelism, ministry, or basic necessities of life. The Caleb Good News Ministries seeks to affiliate with Bible believing, born again, churched, and spirit-filled believers desiring to serve others, without reward or personal recognition. Recognizing that true Faith is a relationship with Jesus and a Belief in the truths of The Word of God, we invite those bodies of believers of like-mind to affiliate with our ministry in reaching others that none be left behind!

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Newest Caleb Affiliate - Liberia!
Our newest affiliate is “International Disciple Training Academy Liberia

Situated between The Gold Coast (Cote’ d’Nore), and Sierra Leone, The International Disciple Training Center has Completed application to become 18th African Caleb training Center. With 48 churches, they have proudly established outdoor Billboards across their country, proclaiming how they are linked to Caleb Ministry of “Burien USA. In their own words, “Covenant kingdom apostolic family greetings from us your extension family of Liberia .We are indeed honored and grateful to have heard from you with those powerful encouraging words, indeed, that is now covenant kingdom family duties to encourage each other especially in times like these when the world is going the wrong direction instead of the direction of Christ, thanks thanks and thanks a million for such an incredible and wonderful encouragement words in Jesus name, amen (Romans 8:28 and Psalms 133:1-3 and Hebrews 10:25) “

Affiliate Reports - October 2022



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