Caleb Good News Ministries is a Christ-centered, charitable, non-profit organization. All of our personnel are volunteers.  We are located in Seattle, Washington.  Nearly every month donations from many sources are shipped directly to villages, orphanages and hospitals in Romania and other third world countries.  Warm clothing and shoes, nutritional supplements to the malnourished, non-perishable foods and groceries, medicines (over the counter and prescription drugs), health care supplies, toys, household supplies, blankets and sleeping bags, household goods, and tools are given freely to the many peasants, villagers, elderly, orphans, street children, homeless adults and schools. 





Letter from Caleb's director...

Thank you Jesus!

Caleb ministry grants gifts of funds when the budget permits, for special needs either among our affiliates for others whose need comes to our attention. In 2016, the following grants were given out by Caleb ministry:

1. $200 medical assistance to homeless man.
2. $300 assistance for mechanical work on a car used by one of our volunteers. 3. $3472.76 to Abra Mission in the Philippines.
4. $13,886.01 to establish Noah.s Boat orphanage for children in Kenya.
5. $3633.85 to Light Under The Bridge for feeding the homeless and providing for their needs.
6. $750 to flight student for program in missionary aviation Fellowship.
7. $5220 to Caleb ministries Nigeria for outreaches to the blind, deaf, and relocating refugees.
8. $516.72 to local ministry providing lunches for elderly.
9. $400 to Tanzania church to replace cow stolen from orphanage.
10.$350 to local teacher for mission to South Korea.

It is a blessing to be a blessing to others in the name of Jesus. Thank you to all of the volunteers, supporters, prayer warriors, and partners to make this work possible. And all in all, We Praise The Name of Jesus by whom all good is done!

Jerry Brian Riess


Caleb Awarded Bronze Star by GuideStar

GuideStar, the worlds largest source of information on non-profit organizations,  just awarded Caleb Good News Ministry a Bronze Star.  Check out Caleb's page.


Thinking of volunteering
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Every  month volunteers pack and ship materials to the far corners of the world:  Malawi, Kenya, the Philippines and to Caleb Church at Partos, Romania.  Volunteers doing great good - Having GREAT fun! 

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Pray for the 300 Christian School Children taken hostage in Nigeria by the Boko Haran Terrorists. An additional 60 girls and women and 30 men were reported abducted on July 8, 2014 by the same group.  For the past five years we have been opposing these terrorists in Nigeria.   Every two weeks Caleb Ministry Nigeria sends two buses to remove refugees from the fighting to safe haven and provide free medical care. Please pray for Pastor Chibuzor Eze and the safety of our Caleb Nigeria team!

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We are always collecting ink jet and laser jet printer cartridges and cell phones for recycling.

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Not forgotten...


Light Under The Bridge goes where most charities will not go, they go under the freeways, bridges, and into the woods looking for the homeless that are not involved with the missions, shelters, and soup kitchens. These are the homeless that indeed feel forgotten, that is until they meet the volunteers from Light Under The Bridge. They not only feed, clothe, and bring various supplies to the homeless, but through the relationships Light Under The Bridge has established with various faith based recovery homes, they are able to offer the homeless real hope-Jesus Christ and a way off the streets!

Join Jon Meer, director of the NW division of LUTB, every Saturday as they go under the bridges of Seattle feeding and ministering to the homeless. Are you interested in helping or have questions, call Jon at (206) 779-4263.  Read more about this ministry in the 2015 1st quarter Caleb newsletter


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Caleb continues to sponsor monthly free medical clinics in Nigeria, Togo, The Cameroons, and The Philippines, along with  continuing our daily and monthly clinics in Petrosani, Braila and Bucharest, Romania. Our affiliates now extend to Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, The Philippines, Belize, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia and Maramar (Burma.  Local Services and goods are provided by Caleb Ministries to Light Under the Bridge street ministry, The Cross Church, House of Mercy and other programs.

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