Caleb Good News Ministries is a Christ-centered, charitable, non-profit organization. All of our personnel are volunteers.  We are located in Seattle, Washington.  Nearly every month donations from many sources are shipped directly to villages, orphanages and hospitals in Romania and other third world countries.  Warm clothing and shoes, nutritional supplements to the malnourished, non-perishable foods and groceries, medicines (over the counter and prescription drugs), health care supplies, toys, household supplies, blankets and sleeping bags, household goods, and tools are given freely to the many peasants, villagers, elderly, orphans, street children, homeless adults and schools. 
































Founded the first quarter of 1990 by Jerry Riess while on mission to Romania along with Pastor Gary Van Horn and Romanian Missionary-Pastor Vladimir Caravan, Caleb was birthed out of prompting of the Holy Spirit, visits to shepherds in their impoverished villages, and a clear directive from the Lord.


Letter from Caleb's director...

In 2020, Caleb has shipped 408  boxes of food, clothing, medical supplies, school supplies, theological book treasures, and household goods to The Philippines so far for this year.  Additionally we have provided grants to overseas affiliates for food and family funeral services of Caleb workers of over $12,500. 

Want to help?  Join the packing party the last Friday of each month, Caleb House, 10 AM. A good opportunity for people who work most weekdays to participate in packing. We  can always use donations of white rice, canned meats or fish, grains, and school supplies for the children. 

If you think of it while shopping, we can use bulk white rice to send to The Philippines. Each filled coffee can of rice feeds a family for a week. We sent over 550 cans of rice in 2019, distributed by Pastors to poorer families!

FIVE church groups have AFFILIATED with Caleb Ministries during May! The largest is Bethel Youth Mission of Rwanda, operated by Sawado Nahimyimana. They plant churches throughout their country, undertake evangelisms, hold training seminars to bring youth to discipleship, work in refugee camps, and hike the entire country spreading the Gospel!  Also joining are two churches in Kenya, one in Nepal and one in Tanzania!

Caleb completed Director Jerry Riess' testimony which was videotaped for the TV program "Overcomers" with Chuck Reich as host/ The program, produced by Horizon Media Studios,  will be aired a minimum of 15 times on their network of the following broadcast systems under the title "Answering The Call", "Upflift tv",  or "Overcomers":  Uplift TV broadcast to 20 million Direct TV households, 15 million Spectrum Cable households, 4 million Verizon FiOS households, 1 million Frontier Cable households, and Upliftv is Live streaming free on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, ROKU, and Google Play. The video is also on Youtube and can be viewed now by clicking Jerry Riess Overcomers.

Our thanks to Chuck Reich and his team for giving us this opportunity to share Christ with others! They have offered to come to Seattle and videotape a full Caleb promotional video for our use for $3,800.00, well below their normal charge of $10,000.00, because they really like what our ministry is doing. We would love to do such a program but cannot from  ministry funds and any such a gift would not be tax deductible.

To donate using any major credit card, simply click on the donate button below.  It will take you to PayPal where you can choose to either use your PayPal account or select "pay by major credit card." Please identify your gift is in support of this project by typing "Video" in the memo.


Plush Pippin Pies are available from Caleb volunteers. Call, 206 242 4264 or email to find out what's available. Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb and Apple are very popular at the moment.


The latest book on Caleb Ministry, "Joy Comes In The Morning Along The Chorba Trail" is now available at Caleb House or online from Amazon Books, at Barnes and Noble and other book stores.

 2020 - 2nd Qtr Newsletter is here!  Read the latest news.


Jerry Brian Riess


Thinking of volunteering
Your helping hands are always welcome,
 and always needed! 

Every  month volunteers pack and ship materials to the far corners of the world:  Malawi, Kenya, the Philippines and to Caleb Church at Partos, Romania.  Volunteers doing great good - Having GREAT fun! 

See pictures of Caleb volunteers at work...


Caleb has been asked for the following items by churches and/or villages:
Medications—over-the- counter medications/half used medicines
  (call Jerry Riess at 206 242 4264 to verify usefulness).
Clothing—Linens, cloth, light weight summer clothing, shoes
  (especially flip-flops), winter clothing, & larger sized clothing.
Romania is seeking heavier clothing and donations of food items to minister
  to the poor in south Serbia.
Baby blankets & quilts
Food—rice, beans, Spam, canned meats of any kind.
  Velveeta cheese, canned cocoa, and powdered milk
Musical Instruments (small)—accordions, harmonicas, violins, keyboards, etc.
Hygiene items—tooth-brushes, travel-sized scented soaps, shampoo,
  toothpaste, and bandages Bibles—and books on scripture, study Bibles.

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Caleb also assists many ministries throughout
the world - meet just one...

Not forgotten...


Light Under The Bridge goes where most charities will not go, they go under the freeways, bridges, and into the woods looking for the homeless that are not involved with the missions, shelters, and soup kitchens. These are the homeless that indeed feel forgotten, that is until they meet the volunteers from Light Under The Bridge. They not only feed, clothe, and bring various supplies to the homeless, but through the relationships Light Under The Bridge has established with various faith based recovery homes, they are able to offer the homeless real hope-Jesus Christ and a way off the streets!

Join Jon Meer, director of the NW division of LUTB, every Saturday as they go under the bridges of Seattle feeding and ministering to the homeless. Are you interested in helping or have questions, call Jon at (206) 779-4263. 


Read about other Caleb ministry partners throughout the world...


Caleb continues to sponsor monthly free medical clinics in Nigeria, Togo, The Cameroons, and The Philippines, along with  continuing our daily and monthly clinics in Petrosani, Braila and Bucharest, Romania. Our affiliates now extend to Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, The Philippines, Belize, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia and Maramar (Burma).  Local Services and goods are provided by Caleb Ministries to Light Under the Bridge street ministry, The Cross Church, House of Mercy and other programs.

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